Final Build is here.

Paper Planets 1.0 build is out now on It will also hit Steam in August 2018. It has undergone countless iterations and versions to get the this point. As a solo developer I am always wishing I can do more with any project I build but at some point I have to say that “This is done” and just release it. I have never considered myself an expert in the art/science of Game Design I only just graduated from college last year so I consider this a learning experience for me and hope to take any and all feedback for this small game and use it for my next project.

Why isn't this free? You may ask and understandably so. A lot of new, indie devs make game to add to their portfolio in order to get a jobs working for AAA studios and for that reason(and others) their games are free. I have no aspiration to assimilate myself into the AAA game industry; I wish to be an indie developer and work for my self or maybe with a small team. So I would like to make for my games. I don't ask for much at all $1.00 is the lowest amount this site will allow. I will never get rich of that price but i think it is a fare price for an amature dev.

    One of the biggest challenges of be a solo Dev is learning when to listen to the voice in your own head and know when to ignore it and continue on your current development path. The best way to combat this is to have as many people played test it as possible. NO you cannot play test your own game and have any real headway towards development progression.

    Scope, Scope, Scope; I feel as a solo developer the main thing i do during development is decrease the scope of my games due to the time and workload constraints of a one person team. I had such grand aspirations for Paper Planets in the planning stage. I wanted things like crafting, and build, and so much more. Most if not all of these features were reduced in the prototype stage and none that i can think of are in the final game. The final game is a straightforward twin stick shooter with arcade style game play and pick up and play power ups. All and all i'm happy with the final game for what it is.

    Again that you all for your support and watch for Paper Planets on steam next month.


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Jul 18, 2018

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